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Name a Star Gifts

Name a star is an imaginative and symbolic novelty gift enveloped in a sleek metal box. This gift pack comes with a personalised certificate with star name, facts about your named star’s position, star chart and Planisphere to locate your actual star. You can dedicate a star gift box to someone special and unquestionably fit on all occasions. At TotallyGifts this unique gift box is available at a wide range. Our name a star gift entitles the recipient to name any star on the intergalactic star Database that last for a lifetime.

Name a star gift pack are unique gift items that can make your loved ones feel on top of the world. This remarkable gift from totallygifts is deal to make the recipient feel really special on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries mother’s day or in remembrance of someone.

Except a few stars which have names, most stars are unnamed in our galaxy. The name a star gift box’ will let you enter the name of a star in the registration details along with your contact and delivery details. This name is then entered into the star registry and your are sent a certificate confirming your registration. This information is then periodically sent to the British Library. The product comes in an attractive sleek metal box and is a great gift item. The recipient will get the privilege of naming a star as per his/her choice.

And if you want to complete the registration formalities and name a star on someone’s behalf, the ‘name a star value pack’ is the ideal gift. On purchasing this gift you can name a star for someone or for yourself and also receive an A-4 certificate of registration showing your star’s name, location and date of registration. You can mark your star with the star locator, on the full coloured map of the night sky which you will be getting along with the gift pack. And with ‘name a star A4 framed’ you can get your star certificate framed in a stylish black frame and present it as a novelty gift item. Many rich and famous people have been associated with the ‘name a star’ gift set and now you can also make your loved ones famous by naming a star by their name, which will remain there till eternity.
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