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Personalised Football History Books

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Personalised Football History Books Gifts

Refresh and animate the past glorious moments of your football team or player by acquiring the beautifully handmade Leatherette Newspaper. These football history archive books are easily affordable and some of the best selling across UK. At best ranges you can also gift these unique collections to football fans and make them feel special. Choose according to your favourites or the most popular clubs and relive the celebrated time.

The football history books are great gift items for football crazy fans. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to purchase the right gift for a person who knows nothing but football. Such individuals will not be interested in anything else other than football related items. Totallygifts has therefore come out with these remarkable books, which have all the detailed information a football lover would love to read again and again.

The personalised football history books help to refresh and relive some glorious and great moments of the past. The details regarding the matches included in these history books are genuine and have been told by people or reported by reporters who were physically present in the field at that time. The memorabilia books embrace some wonderful events and achievements by different football teams from a period of early 20th century to the last season. The history books include coverage of matches played, great wins and tragic losses, appointment of new managers, dismissal of members and many such information any football fan ever wanted to know.

The football history books have information about famous clubs such as the Arsenal football club, Aston villa football club, Aberdeen FC, Blackpool FC, Celtic FC, Birmingham City FC, Chelsea football club, Derby FC, Crystal Palace FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC and many more.

Each book measures 38X31 cm and is bound in beautiful leatherette binder of burgundy colour. The name of the football team is gold embossed on the cover and as added option you can also get the recipient’s name or surname embossed along with his favourite team. These products serve as great personalised gifts for all sorts of occasions, and suit all ages. The personalised football history books cover the events from early 20th century to recent season.

The World Cup football history book is a keepsake which every football fan should have. The colourful history of the World Cup tournaments including the top games of the England World cup 1966 are all bounded in this wonderful book. It has events form World Cup tournaments recorded from the year 1954 to 2006.  The World Cup newspaper opens with a front page montage of leading players. This book includes personalised certificate at no extra cost for gift giving purposes.