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Personalised Gift Boxes

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About Personalised Gift Boxes

TotallyGifts offers a several gift boxes like- adopt a pony gift box, dedicate a tree gift box, save British wildlife gift box, own a Racecourse gift box and many more. Each recipient of this gift receives a welcome letter, details of the gift, instructions to use it, personalised certificate and secured in an attractive luxury metal gift tin. You can browse our website TotallyGifts taking into consideration the person’s taste and your budget.

Personalising a gift is just like ornamenting a gift with beautiful decorations. When you present someone with personalised gifts, you become closer to the recipient’s heart. Totallygifts has unique and useful gift boxes that are not only remarkable gifts to amaze someone but are also personalised gifts to make the recipient feel more special.

A noteworthy and really noble gift is the range of adopt an animal gift boxes. It includes the ‘adopt a pony gift box’, ‘adopt a donkey or monkey gift box’, or adopt a sea turtle or big cat gift box.’ All of these gifts will entitle the recipient to help a miserable or endangered animal and help them lead a better life in a protected environment. This is a gift associated with a charitable cause which any one would love to receive. The ‘dedicate a tree gift box’ or the ‘save British wildlife gift box’; are similar items that can help protect and save your environment. Now you can make your loved ones feel on top of the world with ‘name a star gift box’, where the recipient can name an unnamed star in the galaxy by their own name or the name of their loved ones.

Spoil your loved ones with this mini beauty treatment gift box, which will entitle her to choose from the top beauty salons one of the six exceptional mini treatments. The professional hair cut and finish gift box can also transform the look of the recipient and is a wonderful gift for all occasions. The personalised newspaper gift box, presented in a beautiful glossy brushed steel box is an exceptional gift which will let the recipient be a star of his own newspaper. He can publish his own article, choose a headline and even get his snap printed on the cover. And when we talk of personalised gifts, we have to mention the ‘magazine subscription gift box for her’, where the recipient can choose from a selection of six mini-mags and receive a subscription of her favourite magazine. Once you go through the vast range of personalised gift boxes totallygifts has on offer, such as protect the planet gift box, health club gift box, football share gift box etc., you are sure to find something suitable and striking for your loved ones.
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