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Wine Tasting Experience

Wine Tasting experiences from totallygifts are a remarkable collection of experiences that will leave any wine lover asking for more. This is a unique gift item that will leave the recipient with sweet and fond memories of visiting famous vineyards, knowing his wines, acquiring knowledge about different types of grapes etc. The wonderful packages also include basic wine courses, and the skill of matching food with the most suitable flavour of wine. It is a truly remarkable gift experience which totallygifts has offered keeping in mind all the different types of wine lovers around the world. If you want to taste something different, then this is the gift for you.

Gift a wine lover a bottle of delicious wine and he’ll be the happiest person on this planet. And just imagine his joy and thrill if you can gift him a whole day's wine tasting experience, or tour of famous vineyards. An unusual and exciting gift which is brought to you by totallygifts. The wine tasting gift experiences will let you explore a world of wine which you have never experienced or imagined.

If it’s a wine enthusiast who not loves the taste of wine but is equally interested in knowing the grapes that make these wonderful wines, the ‘know your classic grapes’ is the gift for him. You can also gift the vineyard tour and tasting experience which will give him a clear understanding of how wines are made, and will also include a wine tasting chance accompanied with delicious lunch. For a person who is eager to know the minute details of fine dining, you can avail the ‘matching food and wine workshop’, where he/she can learn to match the correct wine with food served and be the perfect host. If the gift is for your adorable parents, then it has to be sensational and the best. The O Chateau Champagne Cruise is a charming gift which will leave them spellbound. Inside a private room at the front of the boat, they will cruise down the Seine River in the centre of Paris, sipping champagne.

Wine tasting experiences also include one day basic wine or advanced wine course, where you will get to learn all the major classic wine regions of Europe, wine making trends and about important wine producers. The Albannach Whisky Masterclass for Two People is also worth mentioning where you will get a lifetime experience of going through a tasting session and to learn how whiskies are made, the difference in costs and how to recognize individual flavours. Each experience is unique and unforgettable, and gifts such as these can be cherished a lifetime.
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