Christmas Gifts for Kids

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Christmas Presents for Kids

If you’re a parent and looking for what Christmas Gift to buy your kid then not to worry as we have all kinds of different gifts and experiences that will make this year’s Christmas an unforgettable one for your child!

Junior Lamborghini Gallardo DrivingHave you got a son or daughter who is 12 years old and over who is anticipating driving on the road? Well you can now end their anticipation and make a dream come true by letting your child drive the world famous Lamborghini Gallardo that can reach from 0-60mph in approximately 3-4 seconds! Don’t worry though – He or she will be supervised by an ARDS registered instructor! Be the coolest parents ever and let your 12 year old child drive a Lamborghini Gallardo for just £69 this Christmas!

We exceedingly recommend that you take a look at our wide variety of Stadium Tours as we have many different tours of all different kinds of stadiums. One that really stands out as it is quite unique is the child Wimbledon Tennis Tour which is a very unique tour as you get to see behind-the-scenes of the world famous tennis club. Deemed the home of Tennis, Wimbledon is arguably the best tennis tournament in the world filled with so much history and your child can step foot inside the tennis club where so many tennis greats have stood and played.

We also have several other Christmas Gifts for Kids such as books, a makeover & photo-shoot, gift vouchers and sightseeing tickets! We hope you can find what you are looking for and your child enjoys it to the fullest.

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