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Birds of Prey Experience Gifts

Birds of prey experiences are thrilling and leave you spellbound. This amazing experience allows you to have close look and know the beautiful birds of prey in a better way. The birds will soar, act and rest on your fist following their natural instinct. Handling and flying these majestic birds is a splendid and unique experience that is sure to last forever. Participants get an opportunity to handle different species such as- eagles, falcons, hawks and owls. The birds of prey experience is carried under well-trained and professional falconer.

Different individuals have different nature and characteristics and it is sometimes very difficult to get the best possible gift for a person who is usually not very fond of party’s or materialistic gifts. Such people may love to spend time with birds or animals in natural surroundings. The gift experiences birds of prey from totallygifts is remarkable gift which can sit their personality. The birds of prey experience can leave anyone spellbound with the opportunity of handling such magnificent birds that you have only seen soaring high up in the sky.

You can avail the eagle day experience, where you get a close look at the king of birds, learn about their habits and style. Kent is one of the largest center in UK with over 50 different species of such birds, and totallygifts offers the unique opportunity of visiting this great countryside at taking a close look at experts flying magnificent falcons and other such birds. Ever thought of flying an owl or taking one in your hand? Well, you can do just that with the owl flying experience in West Midlands or Derbyshire. A trained instructor will guide you on perfect handling and flying techniques and you can choose from flying a Asian Brown wood owl, Barn owl, Tawny owl, Snowy owl or the little owl. The owl flying sessions mostly start in evenings since it is bets suitable for them.

Gift Experiences Birds of Prey also includes other birds such as falcons, hawks etc. The amazing ‘Hawk walk in Derbyshire’ is a gift worth experiencing, with the unique opportunity of getting close and personal with a Harris Hawk. You’ll get to learn interesting facts about this great bird form the professional trainers present there. This gift will be appreciated by people who are interested in these wild birds and gathering information about them is their hobby. The range is quite huge with gift options like Birds of prey in Bedfordshire, the house of almost 300 birds form eagles to pelicans. We also have birds of prey experience in Warwickshire, West Midlands, Perthshire, and North Yorkshire etc. You can choose from a half day or a full day experience.

Such gifts are unique yet thrilling and can be a memorable experience in the midst of such lovely birds.
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