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Personalised Wine and Spirit Gifts

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Personalised Wine and Spirit Presents

Personalised Wine and Spirit Gifts are suitable on every occassion. Be it the birthday of your loved ones or the anniversary of your best friend, Personalised Wine and Spirit Gifts always make for a great gift on such wonderful occasions. Choose from a range of affordable wine and spirit collection that will let your recipients celebrate their special day in a truly classic way.

Wines can compliment any occasion and make it more enjoyable. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, New Year parties, birthday celebrations, farewell parties, Christmas party, congratulations party etc, the opening of a fine bottle of wine or champagne is the only gift that can honour such memorable occasions. Totallygifts has therefore a remarkable range of Personalised Wine and Spirit Gifts, to change the look of any occasion.

We have the personalised champagne collection which again comprises of the personalised champagne and newspaper in a premium silk lined gift box, an ideal gift package for anniversaries or birthdays. The times newspaper contained in this pack will be an original from the date you select. Or you can gift just the personalised champagne bottle; a bottle of good quality Brut NV champagne in an attractive gift pack.

And if it’s a wine lover for whom you have to select something unique, look no further and choose from the remarkable range of personalised wine gifts pack. It includes everything from personalised French white wine, red wine, to personalised French red wine and newspaper to personalised French white wine and newspaper. The personalised French Rose wine is a sweet and touching gift which can bring out all the emotions and love you have for the person. All wines usually come in three different flavours with different names to suit different occasions.

The Personalised Wine and Spirit Gifts also offers the personalised whiskey sets which are a remarkable and noteworthy collection of the finest whiskies available. The personalised blended whiskey or the personalised blended whiskey and newspaper are both excellent gifts for someone who simply loves to taste blended scotch whiskey. And if the recipient is an admirer of malt whiskey then the personalised malt whiskey and newspaper is a noteworthy gift. A bottle of Speyside single malt scotch whiskey with an original times newspaper from a selected date is one of the most appropriate gifts for commemorating a 50th anniversary.

Not to forget the wine and spirit gift boxes, a rare combination of the finest champagne, whiskey and many such exquisite alcohols. Each of the personalised packs comes with a card that can be personalised with the recipient’s name and a touching message. Personalised gifts always have an extra edge over other gift items since they depict a lot which cannot be expressed in words.
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