Newspaper Football History Book

Relive the glorious moments from your football team or favourite player, by acquiring a personalised newspaper football history book. These personalised newspaper football history books from TotallyGifts are easily affordable and beautifully presented. They are some of the best selling newspaper football history books in the UK and offer unique collections to football fans. Choose your favourite or most popular club and relive the moments from that celebrated time.

Personalised newspaper football history books can help relive glorious moments. These newspaper history books have details from newspapers regarding matches and have been told by people or reporters who were present in the field at that time. Coverage of matches played, great wins and tragic losses, the appointment of managers, dismissal of members and everything that any football fan would ever need to know, is presented inside from the 20th century to present day.

These personalised newspaper football history books have information on famous clubs such as Arsenal, Aston Villa football club, Aberdeen FC, Blackpool FC, Celtic FC, Birmingham City FC, Chelsea FC, Derby FC, Crystal Palace FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC amongst others.

Measuring 38 x 31 cm, the personalised newspaper books are bound in a beautiful leatherette binder in a burgundy colour and are embossed in gold with the name of the football team. You can even have the recipient’s name or surname embossed alongside the team name on the books!

The World Cup Football History Book in particular, is a personalised keepsake which every fan should have. It is a colourful replica of the history of the World Cup tournaments, including the top games from the England World Cup game of 1966. These and more are all bounded in these wonderful books.


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