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Sailing and Yachting Experience

If you want your loved ones to know that you care and really wish that they celebrate their special day in the best possible way, the sailing and yachting gift experiences from totallygifts are worth giving a try. These gifts are in the true sense unique and admirable which will linger in the minds of the recipient forever. You can gift such a memorable experience on someone’s birthday, wedding anniversary so that the couples can have a romantic time, or maybe to a retired person who can utilize his spare time in learning something new.

Explore the natural beauty of the ocean through sailing and yachting experiences

There are various ways to explore the beauty of planet Earth, and one way is to go out into the calm waters of the sea in a yacht or boat. Totallygifts is offering this opportunity to sail in lovely yachts at very affordable rates through its sailing and yachting experiences. After a complete week of hard work we usually don’t know how to spend our weekends. So the best way to spend a relaxing weekend is on board a 36ft ocean going yacht. You will have hands on experience taking turns behind the wheel after receiving an introductory session from a trained expert. The Round the world yacht thrill is a great way to enjoy this wonderful sport.  

Not only does an experience of this sort provide adventure and romance, it is a unique chance to do something new in life. You can have a lark of a time with a close friend aboard a 24 ft Pegasus yacht, and learn new skills from qualified senior instructors. Whether you are a first time sailor or an experienced one, no one can stop you from a full day’s fantastic experience of taking controls of the wheels of a huge 42 ft ocean going yacht. Yes, the hands on full sailing day for one in Ipswich is a magical experience that will let you explore the enchanting waters of the Orwell and Stour and into the Harwich harbor and North Sea.

The sailing and yachting experiences are also unusual and remarkable gifts that you can gift a lovely couple on their wedding anniversary . They can spend an enchanting and romantic evening with each other and also try their skills at mastering a gigantic yacht with the Hands on Evening Sail for one experience.

A perfect course for beginners is the One day sailing taster in Ipswich that will introduce them to this wonderful sport under the guidance of a professional. They will learn the basics of sailing including rigging the sails, helming, maneuvering the boat, anchoring etc.
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