Adventure Experiences Gifts

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    90 Minute Extreme RIB Adventure Half Price Special Offer

    Unbeatable thrilling experience for extreme adventure lovers

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    Tandem Skydive (UK Wide)

    This tandem skydive is 12,000 ft of pure adrenaline

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    Lovers Leap Bungee Jump

    Lovers Leap Bungee Jump

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Adventure Experiences Presents

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with totallygifts’ amazing and thrilling adrenaline experiences. Experiences that are unimaginable and can leave you spell bound and is one of the best ways to make even the most common day into a fun filled, exciting and unforgettable experience. Adrenaline gifts can be presented on any special occasion such as  Birthday , anniversaries, father’s day, Christmas to any individual who has the courage to try out thrilling and nerve racking adventures that will pump up his/her adrenaline. These gift experiences include bungee jumping, sphereing, sky diving, skiing, ice climbing, coasteering, land boarding and many more such mind boggling adventures to be remembered a lifetime.

Have you ever wanted to experience a real adrenaline rush, and try out something really adventurous? We at totallygifts have some mind boggling Gift Experiences Adrenaline, which you can try out yourself or gift to someone who is bored of his/her monotonous lifestyle. Imagine a plunge from a height of 300 feet in the air, and experience a new level of bungee jumping. You can choose from indoor bungee jumping, bridge bungee jump, double parachute simulator jump, tandem bungee jump or even the lovely experience of lovers leap bungee jump with your partner.

Sphereing is a new sport that is both enjoyable and thrilling. Roll down a hill on an exciting bumpy ride at a speed of 30mph. Feel the experience of being inside a washing machine with this new and innovative, but completely safe sport. You have options such as aqua sphereing for two, eclipse sphereing for two, air sphereing etc. The ultimate experience is the skydiving experience, an unforgettable and thrilling adventure sports. If you really don’t want to try it outside, you have the option of choosing indoor skydiving which is equally thrilling such as the Airkix indoor skydiving experience, extended indoor skydiving.  And if you are the daredevil who’ll not back out but experience the ultimate adrenalin rush; the tandem skydive from a height of 12000 ft is the gift for you. Other such options include static line parachute jump, parachute simulator experience for one, tandem skydiving in Cambridgeshire etc.

If you have always been fascinated by the army, then totallygifts has brought the army skills experience under the Gift Experiences Adrenaline. This unique opportunity will let you learn a weekend survival challenge, similar to that of soldiers in the army. Experience spy academy training and be James bond for a day. Or blast away like Rambo with the tank battle paintballing experience. And if you want to know how to survive in the wilderness take the weekend survival camp experience or the weekend survival skills course, which will teach you to face the challenges of harsh surroundings.

Totallygifts also has the thrills and skills experience with adventures such as outdoor climbing, hover craft Flying,ice climbing, coasteering etc, each exceptional and unique gift . And if you want to relive your childhood days and love monkeying around then the go ape experiences is something which you should try out. This and much more is what you’ll find at Gift Experiences Adrenaline.